Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tornado Warning

My last post (a hundred years ago) was about registering my son for kindergarten and all the whats if's and concerns and irrational fears.
Well he starts school soon and while the what if's and irrational fears are still very real, they are not quite as real as my desire to survive motherhood and thus the drive for self preservation trumps the fears and since school will offer a brief reprieve from the ever constant battle of the siblings, then off to school he must go!
Im not too sure what he will get from his experiences as school though. Apparently I have done SUCH an awesome job at raising this little man, that at the ripe old age of 5 1/2 he already knows everything he could possibly need to know and is so confident in his knowledge that he no longer feels its necessary to listen to me.
Go Me! :o/
I hope the teachers are prepared for the small tornado I might be releasing upon them soon. I know I am.
Ive got my power suit ironed and ready to put on for my inevitable first visit with the principal. ;)

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